Safety-Care Goes to Aruba

The following translation comes from a local Aruban newspaper.

The observation of the Multidisciplinary Center (MdC) from April to August 2015, with only 1 kindergarten, 1 first and 1 second class. Each class has a maximum of 8 students. This is a lot of work not because it works for regular education, for both a serious problem of behavior and / or a psychopathic problem.

They have been taught (in school setting) and then after school you have evening care and the professional staff that offers a special program (in a daycare setting).

At the Observatory, there are 19 people: teachers and assistants, a mentor Intern, a social worker, a music therapist, a moment therapist, a psychologist, a part-time speech therapist and leaders and assistant leaders and daycare afterwards.

Professional developmental of the day- to day work of the organization was on February 6th, 2017 and the training of Safety-Care Core Specialist training and the “School Age Children Advanced Module” from the company QBS Inc.  The company is from America, which is part of the “Safety-Care Core Specialist Training” program. The trainer of both programs is Erin Devine. The training of Safety Care is in a respectful, safe and therapeutic way with the students by regulating emotion and aggressive behavior. The safety procedures are scientifically investigated and based on evidence.

The trainer is skilled in intervening in a professional and therapeutic way, employing a direct and effective approach to prevent, minimize and manage escalation of aggressive behavior.

For both professional and adult protection.

And the “School Age Children Advanced Module” is designed and engineered specifically to provide a setting for many children who show aggressive and dangerous behavior. And it is necessary to make sure that it is appropriate for a lot of children.  With their scenario presentation.

The professionalism of the trajectory of the Observatory is the same as the scenario for the presentation.