Managing Staff Stress and Burnout

One issue affecting quality of care in healthcare and special education industries is staff turnover. Staff turnover disrupts consumer care in many ways. Staff to consumer ratios are often disrupted, causing the need for temporary substitute staff. If appropriate staff to consumer ratios cannot be maintained it may result in safety concerns or the inability to allow consumers to engage in meaningful activities such as community outings. Staff turnover may lead to increases in challenging behavior and delays toward skill acquisition.

Staff stress and burnout are contributing factors to staff turnover.  So what can employers do to manage staff stress and increase quality of care for the consumers in our care? To start, work environments should be supportive and inclusive, and staff should have incentives to meet goals set for themselves in collaboration with supervisors. Staff should receive adequate training to perform their job responsibilities and feel confident coming to supervisors with questions and concerns. It’s not just up to employers though; there are several strategies that staff can engage in to ensure they are advocating for themselves in the workplace and taking care of themselves outside of work.

April is Stress Awareness Month, so what better time to address common work-related stressors and develop strategies to decrease staff stress and burnout? To find out more, join us for our 15-minute webinar on Managing Staff Stress and Burnout and sign up now.