Giving Tuesday has become known as the global day of giving. It was created so individuals could share their experiences by posting personal giving stories on social media of why they support nonprofits. It was meant to teach people there are many ways you can show support to organizations in the local community, whether it is donating money, your voice, your time, or even resources. QBS, Inc. shows their support for Seven Hills Foundation which is a local nonprofit organization, that according to their website, “has a 60-year history of caring for people who have the ability to thrive when given the support, respect and dignity that all human beings deserve.” They have 160 locations in Massachusetts, Rhode Island and seven countries abroad. Seven Hills is a provider of comprehensive support for people with significant life challenges. The partnership includes the Seven Hills vocational program where their clients travel to QBS, Inc. to provide janitorial services every Tuesday and Thursday. Kevin and Johnathan, who are both Seven Hills clients were photographed cleaning the table and vacuuming around the office on Tuesday. The second part of the partnership embraces QBS, Inc’s Safety-Care trainer training, where Seven Hills employees get trained on challenging behavior management in order to keep both staff and their clients safe. It is important to help support and advocate for social justice programs such as Seven Hills. Through this partnership both parties are able to deliver their commitment to creating a happier and safer environment.